Front end features

  • SMS Portal Generator is a Joomla Component that can convert any Joomla Installation into a fully functional SMS Portal Website with Voice and SMS Autoresponder functionalities
  • It comes with sms sender, sms scheduling, contacts/phone book, sms credits, voucher recharge, messgae history, Delivery reports, GSM database, drafts, API to give your users, voice sms, autoresponder, list builder, cost calculator, social media integration, etc. visit ultrasms today.
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back end (ADMIN) features

  • From the back end, you can integrate the portal with any sms http gateway of your choice. One click integration with payment processors (Paypal, Google Checkout, Liberty Reserve, GTPay, Eyowo, Interswitch, etc).
  • Cost settings, User manager, voucher management, number filtering, messaging configuration, fund request, transactions, custom registration component, account manager, etc
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Single Domain, Multiple and Unlimited Domain License Available...

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Salient Features

Integrated Resellership System

You can have unlimited resellers who can also have unlimited resellers under them. Become a Gateway and offer API (API to send sms, API to check balance, API to check delivery status, Autoresponder API). With unlimited domain license option you can also set up SPG for them.

GSM Database

Your users can send sms to your uploaded database without having access to the database. They just click on send to database, the selct the category , enter the no of GSM nos they want to send the message to and then send the message. (Your users will love this) .

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee

Get your Money Back If After purchase, you are not thrilled by Joomla SMS Portal Generator. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. SMS Portal Generator is the software that was used to design,, etc